Smith Trahern Mansion

The Smith Trahern Mansion is located in Clarksville, TN near the campus of Austin Peay State University. Built just before the Civil War, this mansion was home to Christopher Smith and his wife. Mr. Smith was a prominent businessman, a tobacco farmer, and a riverboat captain. The latter of these occupations cost him his life.

The Smith family was very prominent in pre-Civil War Clarksville, and we are very fortunate that their mansion still stands. The Mansion overlooks the Cumberland River. One night Christopher Smith was out sailing the river in particularly bad weather, while his wife waiting for him to return. As it grew later, Mrs. Smith became more and more worried. Finally the news came: Christopher Smith had drown in an accident on the river. At first, Mrs. Smith went into shock and denial. She refused to accept that her husband had died, and she continued to sit by the window, waiting vigilantly for him to return.

This went on for days, then weeks, then months. Mrs. Smith spent most of her time everyday looking out the window and waiting for her husband to return. She did this for the rest of her life, and, according to legend, beyond her death. People claim to still see her today, staring blankly and solemnly out the window, waiting for her beloved husband to return home. Many have claimed to have seen her face peering out a window. Others feel an unseen presence when they enter the mansion, as if they are not alone.

The mansion still stands in Clarksville today, and if you ever get a chance, visit it. It's a very lovely home. Just don't do anything to disturb the lady of the house.

Note: Ashley has informed me that Mr. Smith did not drown, as reported in this story, but died of yellow fever in New Orleans. While bringing his body back on the Mississippi River, the boat exploded, and his body was never recovered.

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