Old Union Meeting House

Located on Old Union Road just outside of Livingston, TN, in the Hilham community, Old Union Meeting House is said to be home to a great deal of paranormal activity. The church has not been used in years, and the doors and windows are boarded up, perhaps to keep intruders out, but also perhaps to keep someone or something inside.

Allegedly, late at night, mysterious lights can be seen glowing inside the church. While driving by late at night, motorists have claimed to have seen strange lights shining through the cracks in the boards that cover the windows. These lights could not be visitors inside the church, since the door is locked from the outside. Also late at night, beautiful organ music can also be heard resonating throughout the area, originating inside the church. For these reasons, many locals understandably avoid the church after dark. Who can blame them?

No one knows exactly what causes this phenomenon, nor do many really want to know. Instead, they'd prefer to keep the situation quiet so as to keep away unwanted investigators.

In the meantime, or so it is said, the strange lights and music will continue to scare anyone unfortunate enough to be passing by the church late at night.


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