The Ghost of Graceland

Graceland, located at 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, is one of Tennessee's greatest tourist attractions. Every year, millions of Elvis fans and non-fans make the trip to Memphis to see the home of Elvis Presley. Elvis, of course, died on August 16, 1977. Or so all the official reports say. Many people are convinced he's still alive, and they have made a fortune selling tabloids detailing Elvis sightings all over the world, from sporting events to the local 7/11. The problem is that almost all these sightings describe Elvis as looking the same as he did when he died, a quarter century ago. This has led some to believe that perhaps it's not Elvis in life they are seeing, but instead his ghost.

The song "Walking in Memphis" tells of seeing the ghost of Elvis on Union Avenue and watching walk through the gates of Graceland. There are those who say this is a common phenomena. Some have seriously suggested this might be the beginnings of a new religion. In fact when Elvis died, One fan waited at the gates of Graceland, convinced Elvis would rise again on the third day.

Sightings of Elvis (whether they be his ghost or him in body) have been reported all over the world, much the same way Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, and a number of others. Graceland is easily the place where the most sightings of his ghost appear. Since Elvis' living quarters are closed to the public, some people think his ghost still resides there. If so, only the staff know and they aren't talking.

So are the Elvis sightings his ghost, or just some fans who can't let go in cahoots with tabloids who want to make money. Probably the latter, but we can't be sure. If you ever visit Graceland, keep a lookout for Elvis.

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