Copper Ridge Church

Copper Ridge Baptist Church, as it was once known, was home to many miracles during the mid-1990s. People came from all over the world to visit the tiny church just outside of Knoxville, which had a congregation of less than twenty at the beginning of the events. The church was even featured on the show Unsolved Mysteries.

The events began on November 8, 1995, when a display of lights in the form of several crosses appeared in and around the tiny fundamentalist church. They were so brilliant and amazing that word spread all over the state, and eventually all over the world. People began to flock to the small church to view the spectacle, and very few, if any, were disappointed. Many people who had suffered terminal illnesses were miraculously cured. Some reported seeing angels, or even Jesus himself. One man went to the church, claiming it was all a fraud, and he planned to prove it. He was a devout atheist. The minister invited him in, and when the crossed appeared, the man apparently changed his mind, because he was baptized into the church the following week.

The crosses were said to appear in the windows of the church, and it's said you cannot take a photo inside the church without picking up a bright white light. Other photos show apparitions of religious figures. A man who wore a turban appeared to the minister on several occasions.

Over 50,000 people came and visited the church over the course of the year, and the church was kept open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. All these visitors, many of other faiths and religions, began to take it's toll on the congregation. At first they wanted to close the church to all atheists, and those of other faiths. The minister refused to do so. The congregation then tried to pressure him to do so, but he still refused. Eventually, he was attacked by an unknown assailant, and forced to turn the church over to the congregation, who immediately closed it to all outsiders.

Today, the church is closed to nonmembers, and most of the windows were the crosses appeared have been removed. It's now no longer known as Copper Ridge Baptist Church, but has a new name altogether. Hopefully, there will someday be a new beginning, and the church will once again be open to all those who wish to witness the miracles.

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