Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Truth About the Parrotsville Plane Crash

According to legend, the Cocke County Memorial Building in Newport is haunted the ghosts of passengers killed in a plane crash that occurred in nearby Parrotsville years ago. Rich, a reader of this site, was kind enough to do some research on the plane crash:

After reading the account of the bodies stored in Newport after a plane crash in Parrotsville I did further research that reveals the crash occurred on July 9, 1964, @ aprox 6:15 PM.

United Airlines flight # 823 (reg # N7405) was a Vickers Viscount 745D on route from Philly PA to Huntsville AL. with 35 passengers and 4 crew. All were killed.

The plane crashed 2 miles northeast of Parrottsville after experiencing an uncontrollable fire of unknown origin which started below the passenger floor and eventually involved the passenger cabin. One passenger died after free-falling out of the No. 4 emergency escape window of the plane in an attempt to escape the onboard fire. The ignition source was never determined, but it is thought the plane's battery or something in a passenger's luggage caused the fire. Testing revealed lethal amounts of CO2 could be discharged into the cockpit instead of the lower baggage compartment. The plane was seen flying erratically and the fire eventually burned through the controls. It is likely the crew was unconscious by then.

I just thought you would want the correct info for this occurrence.

I am going to try to inspect the crash site and get some info from the natives. I live about 20 miles from there.

Thank you very much, Rich. We're always interested in learning more about legends, and myself and many readers would be intrigued to learn anything else you may uncover.


Anonymous said...

Have you found anything else? I remember when this happened, I was just a little girl......I remember my Aunt and Uncle talking about it!!

7:34 PM  
Blogger joel said...

hey thanks for findin what really happened i live in newport and i have herd so many things about it i actually no people that were called in to the sence and i have been in the builiding were the bodys were put but if you find anything else please let me know about it

12:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

I remember the afternoon that it happened.I was 16, lived in Greene County and the plane flew just south of my mom's house. In fact my uncle saw it as it descended into Cocke County. We were out in the yard playing ball but never noticed it.It actually crashed about a mile or so from another uncle's house. They were milking cows and thought the plane was going to hit them. They went there but I don't remember what they saw.There is a memorial there.
Jack, Nashville

8:09 PM  
Blogger cj said...

We just traveled by the site this afternoon..Easter--2007. I began to recollect the memories that I had that day. We lived in Greene County(the county the plane had just passed over). My parents were on the front porch while I was still in the house. My mom stated that that plane was really low. A friend called within minutes saying a plane had crashed. We went to the site and walked through the wreckage. There were bodies that had already been covered by the rescue squad and seats tossed. Later we learned that luggage had dropped from the plane. Men in jeeps combed local farms including ours looking for luggage and other items. As far as I ever knew --no definite cause was found.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous tottinger said...

my dad was on the rescue squad and worked the plane crash. He said that they bagged up the body parts and poured them out at the memorial building and tried to piece them together. He said it was a horrible site. body parts hanging in trees.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous keith said...

I was 8 when that happened. We went to Parrottsville that evening but we could not go to the crash site. I can still see the dirt road we went down 43 years ago as if it happened earlier this evening. I can also remember the horrible smell that enveloped Newport. If I remember correctly, the bodies were in the Memorial Building about 2 weeks.

1:03 AM  
Blogger scott said...

My paternal Grandfather, RA Hanger, died in that plane crash, I wasn't told about it until I was much older, because I was only 9 months old at the time.
I still have an old newspaper clipping that my Grandmother cut out for me from the Cleveland Daily Banner. It was a very sad time for our family.

1:49 PM  
Blogger scott said...

That was my grandfather's plane

1:50 PM  
Anonymous John said...

A few years ago I investigated that building with a group I was with at the time.It was my first real investigation and is still talked about between myself and one other guy who are both with another group now.That building in Newport has some real hardcore activity and we caught soooo much stuff there.We went twice but can't get back in anymore because I would love to.

11:24 PM  

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