Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gallatin's Fairvue Mansion

Gallatin's most well known story of the supernatural may be the unusual disappearance of David Lang, but that is not the city's only mystery. A reader, who wishes to be identified only as "Tennessee Tuxedo," shares the following:

Fairvue Mansion, the antebellum mansion at the "The Last Plantation," outside of Gallatin, is one of the most haunted homes in all of Tennessee. Fairvue Mansion was built by Isaac Franklin on a large plantation in 1832. The New Orleans-style home sits on a picturesque bluff on Old Hickory Lake. The mansion served as a Union Army hospital during the Civil War. Three families have lived in the mansion during its existence and was vacant for several years in the early 1900s.

The last owner of Fairvue was Mrs. Ellen Weymss, a grand lady who lived to be 104 years old before passing on a few years ago. "Ms. Ellen", as she like to be called, entertained her church congregation once a year and would allow them to wander the halls and floors of Fairvue. She said that there were always a lot of strange happenings and noises occurring in her home. Guests have claimed to have seen Civil War era soldiers walking up and down the stairs. There is blood stains covering the stairs and between the 2nd and 3rd floors, there is a blood stain that has reappeared out of nowhere after being cleaned off of the stair landing.

One guest told of how he had finished playing poker and enjoying drinks, when he encountered a ghost in the help quarters on the back stairwell. He said he had a conversation with the ghost until dawn. Of course the drink might have affected that conversation. Many other guests have reported to have seen many other ghosts around the Fairvue property. That is no surprise, as Fairvue was the largest slave labor plantation in the United States in the early and mid 1800s. Slave quarters align the road into the "Last Plantation" that leads to the Fairvue Mansion.

"Ms. Ellen" told people that there was only one ghost that bothered her over the 60 years or so she made Fairvue Mansion her home. It was the ghost of a young girl who rode her tricycle up and down the halls of Fairvue every night. Ms. Ellen said it bothered her because it was a shame for anyone to have died so young. What bothered her the most was that in her research of the Mansion and the of the previous owners, there was no mention of a young girl living there or dying there. She nor anyone else with knowledge of Fairvue Mansion can explain the ghost of the young girl riding her tricycle up and down the halls of Fairvue Mansion.

Very strange, indeed.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in Gallatin all of my life and have never heard of the old house being haunted. Learn something new all the time. Wonder if the new subdivisions will have thier share of ghosts?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fairvue is NOT notoriously haunted.

I attended Ms. Weymss' church and I never heard anything about ghosts at Fairvue

Also, the 'cabins' lining the drive to Fairvue are NOT slave cabins.....they are horse barns for the very valuable stock that was the foundation of he plantation.

The slave quarters were at the back of the Fairvue house.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Weymss lived to be 106. I walked freely throughout the mansion in 2004 prior to any renovations. Isaac Franklin and his 2 children, a boy and girl all died w/in 1 week of each other and buried down the road. Their remains were moved to Belmont University by Mr. Franklin's widow, Adelica after she had remarried. Adelicia and her 2nd husband created "Belmont University". The mansion I feel is with spirits as I have personally witnessed 1 incident on my visit. The horse barns that align the road to the mansion, were built in 1920 something by a gambling man that conducted horse racing on the land. He lost his home and family due to financial consequences of gambling.

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Anonymous trey said...

I have been a friend of the grand son of the owner it a preety creapy place the fourth floor in the basment were they held the dead of the people in civil war the first time i went in side the basmet my blood presure shot up and i felt dizzy i do thank this is a hauned house if u have anny help with the paramnumal contact me at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been in the mansion quite a few times, it's more scary at night than during the day.
A couple of my friends, are the grandchildren of the owner currently.
On the very top floor, there's framed writing, and it's very creepy up there.
I felt sort of sick.
My friend found a tricycle on the top floor.
We've heard stories of a little girl who rides her tricycle up and down the halls of the mansion.

I haven't seen anything, but it feels weird walking through their house.
anytime of the day.

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Blogger Kyle said...

I lived in the slave house closest to the lake and I can guarantee you there were incidents that cannot be explained that happened there...

I met Ms. Weymss and she was a very sweet landlady. She had a luncheon once and I arranged flowers around her mansion. I am so sorry to hear of her passing.

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