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Sensabaugh Tunnel

Located just outside of Kingsport, TN, Sensabaugh Tunnel is an aging, run down tunnel on Sensabaugh Road. According to legend, a baby was murdered here many years ago, either by its father or a hobo. The baby was drowned in the stream that runs through the tunnel. Today, it is said, that late at night, one can hear the baby cry. The hobo's footsteps can also be heard. It is also said that if one parks in the tunnel, and kills their ignition, their car will not start.

On March 13, we decided to vist the tunnel. This was my first visit (previously, I had visited the wrong place). Unfortunately (or fortunately), we did not experience anything especially out of the ordinary, though some photos did show some orbs:

(Sorry for the delay with getting this online, I've had computer issues with the photos.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is two tunnels is this the real one or the other one said to be haunted?

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually their are two tunnels and both are officially known as Sensabaugh Tunnel on official maps . Both tunnels are haunted . Myself and other friends have all had some awesome experiences down their .

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends and I have been there several times, and never really heard anything. We go to the tunnel thats filled with water. We've heard voices I think but never really seen anything, so what should we do if we want to see something happen?

6:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

my friends and i went into the tunnel and parked halfway in and turned the car off and sure enough we heard footsteps and had cold chills all over us and then we thought we seen a person look over the top of the tunnel into the tunnel at us so we tried to start the car but it wouldnt start and it was a new car also so i believe that it is truely haunted but i would go back again just watch out for the police cause they will run you off if caught

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends and I went in there. We heard screaming and a baby crying. We looked behind us and saw a shadowy figure running toward us so we ran out and I will never go back again.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Davo said...

I see many postings on “ghost story” sites about a small tunnel, originally built to serve as a culvert under the old Clinchfield railroad embankment that runs along the Big Elm Road on the west side of the Holsten River in Hawkins County just west of Kingsport, Tennessee. (Use Sensabaugh Tunnel as keywords and some of these stories may be found at various blog sites)

It’s interesting how made-up stories become accepted as factual, as they are repeated and embellished. As much, however, as the spine tingles when some of these stories are read or told, and as much as the avid “ghost story” enthusiast may want to believe the stories about Sensabaugh Tunnel, all the stories suggesting "paranormal" activity at, in, or around the subject tunnel are in fact, made-up.

First of all, the true Sensabaugh Tunnel is a railroad tunnel through a small mountain, about a mile north of the subject tunnel, through which the old Clinchfield railroad ran.

Secondly, there was, indeed, a family of Sensabaughs ("Sensabaugh" is and was a common name in that area of Hawkins County, Tennessee) who lived near the tunnel, on the west side of the railroad and west of tunnel, and within 100 yards of the west end of the tunnel. However, having known the family well and having grown up with and gone to school with the children of the family, I can personally testify that they were normal, working-class people of the 1940s and '50s, none of whom had been murdered or had committed murder.

Our school (Ross' Campground school) was located about a mile west of the subject tunnel and the Sensabaugh home. To get to the school from my house (which was on the River Road, east of the subject tunnel and now called Big Elm Road and about a quarter of a mile north of the subject tunnel) walking to school, we could either walk over the hill on our west side, across the railroad and over Clark's Hill, and down over the hill's west side, onto the road that led to the school ... or ... we could walk south on our road to the subject tunnel, walk through the tunnel, and west to the road at the Sensabaugh house and on to school. I can testify that there was never any fear or fright or anything unusual around or in the subject tunnel as we walked to or from school.

Back then, before the advent of automatic carwashes, people would pull off the road ("Big Elm") and into the shallow stream that ran through the tunnel and wash their Studebakers and Hudsons or whatever car they had. It was a popular carwash by day and a popular "lovers' lane" by night, never disturbed by paranormal, just very normal, activity.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a tunnel near the infamous sensabaugh that is called by my friends and i, River is a walk through tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks....i have in fact witnessed a black aggie quite a few times....we have actual evp reading and video tape of the encounters...the black aggie will look at you and you will feel the scariest thing imaginable...i have a huge fear of being burned to death and its stare made me feel like i was burning to death.....this place is definitely a thing i will say is do not go not go with less then 3 people....and be careful what you is a he and if you refer to him as a her he will single you out and he will mess with you....he has made many of my friends lose touch with reality do to singling them and whatnot......enter the tunnel with caution and if you do make it all the way through the not let him in behind dont wanna be pushed up into the woods.....back up if he comes near you....

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the tunnel last night, and I have never been so scared. We drove through once and stopped and nothing happened, but the second time we stopped and killed the engine and turned off all our lights. As soon as we did we heard a faint, blood-curdling screaming, and it got louder. We didn't stay to find out where it was coming from. I have it on camera, the whole thing. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is to Davo who commented above....although what you say may be true, I would like you to explain the screams I heard, along with 5 other people. Explainable? Well, I have it on camera and you can hear the screams very clearly. Maybe not to the Sensabaughs, but something tragic happened there for spirits still to lurk.

9:02 AM  
Blogger datkat said...

If, indeed, screams are heard in the area of the "Arch" (the tunnel-which is nowadays erroneously called "Sensabaugh") which runs under the railroad about 2 miles up the River Road, they are the sounds made by human and of mortals. There are many residences very near the tunnel and there are teenagers and children living near the west end of the tunnel; there are also mischevious pransters who frequent the area hoping to frighten other visitors. If one believes they hear supernatural or paranormal sounds, then the joke's on the hearer.

The people around the tunnel know that thrillseekers frequent the tunnel and the locals are delighted to try to give the visitor a "thrill"

Or, could it be that a highly excited mind hears what it wants to hear?Davo


10:11 PM  
Blogger datkat said...

Now, here is a really scary phenomena associated with the tunnel. Terribly mutilated corpses of people who had been attacked by the Long Dog phantom of the River Road (Big Elm). Zombie-like creatures that are and then are not; who look like previously known victims of the Long Dog.


10:22 PM  
Blogger datkat said...

It wasn't common, of course, for a human body to be found torn to shreds or the clothing badly torn and the body severely lacerated. However, there were some common threads sometimes, when these things did happen, when accounts of some such deaths were compared.

If the local police agencies couldn’t solve the mystery they might offer bear attack or wildcat attack as possibilities. Often the deaths went unexplained, except by those who knew of the horrible creature said to roam the woodlands of East Tennessee. Those who knew had no doubt about the meanings of the common threads in the deaths.

And in those deaths, there were indeed common pieces of evidence:

Always, there were very few signs of a struggle; as if the victim had been immediately overwhelmed and unable to fight the attacker with any prowess.

The scene of the attack indicated that the beast or attacker had slung and dragged and thrown and whipped the victim around over the ground in the killing, in perhaps a ten-foot circular area, in a violent rage of attack.

Furthermore, the torn body and the attack scene usually reeked of a terrible odor; some say a "sulfur-like", almost acrid stench. Some say the odor was like that of highly concentrated skunk spray.

Also, if any humans had been anywhere in the general area, there were usually reports, after the fact, that low, guttural, moaning sounds had been heard, off somewhere in the woods during the night of the killing. Not screams, not loud wails, but powerful as to be easily heard in the quiet nights. Grunting as from a wild hog, but maybe more like the low growl of a huge lion, eerily close but at once somewhere off in the distance. Usually, those who reported hearing the sounds said they had not related the sounds at the time to an attack or anything like that, but having been told later that an attack had occurred, they suspected the legendary creature had been in the area and then they began to think aloud that it had done the killing and that that is what they had heard.

The common threads of evidence in these killings always matched tales of a mysterious creature sworn to exist and sworn to have been seen from time to time by most of the people living in the valley, up and down the river along the River Road, now known as “Big Elm Road”.
The creature was legendary even before the first white settlers moved into the area.

Cherokee Indians called the creature “Oolonga-daglalla”, roughly translated as “spirit with knife teeth” and knew it as a ghostly, spirit-like creature that roamed the river valley at night, moaning and bellowing and sometimes killing solitary natives at random. Over time, the name was corrupted by the white man into “The Long Dog”.

The name “Long Dog” was fitting, in the minds of the white people, because of the common description of the creature by those who had seen it but escaped attack.

The creature was said to lope when it ran, much like a wolverine moves. That is to say, it’s leaping movement brought its hind legs up under its front legs and its back arched at each stride, not unlike the movement of an inchworm. The creature moved this way at slow movement or on the run. The scariest, most terrifying sight was to see the creature moving along in its hideous lope, off to the side, parallel to your path but gaining on you even as you stepped faster and faster to get home before it caught you.

Also, the creature was quite long; some say as long as five or six feet long, fully outstretched. So that seemed to fit the corrupted Cherokee name. It had perhaps the length of a large, stout panther, but did not look like a panther and with a much shorter tail. This creature was said to have yellowish-red, glowing eyes that were clearly fiery looking, glowing in the night. Its breath, and it’s difficult to know how someone smelled its breath and survived, was said to have the acrid smell of burning sulfur. Its hair was not sleek and shiny like a panther; rather it was matted and oily. Tracks found along the riverbank showed great, long, sharp claws.

Yet, even though signs and evidence ascribed to the creature were like those of a living beast, it was known to appear and disappear; to take the form of the “Long Dog” sometimes and yet sometimes transform into a spirit-like, ghostly shape; like that of a “living dead zombie”, or vice versa, for lack of a better description.

Sometimes, a person would come up missing and never be found except that a smelly, torn-up attack scene would be found. Legend told in stories by the people along the River Road said that some victims were transformed into zombie-like creatures that also roamed the night, although that was probably just local folklore. They said that when someone encountered and somehow escaped the clutches of one of these zombie-like creatures, they sometimes reported that the spirit or zombie had a face very familiar, sometimes resembling that of one of the missing victims. Also, many reported sightings of these “things” often matched descriptions of sightings reported in and around the Arch (later named Sensabaugh Tunnel by area ghost story thrill seekers).

Reports of these transformed “zombie-like” creatures were rare, however. Most reported sightings described the oolonga-doglalla, or Long Dog creature.

We knew of the Long Dog’s existence when we lived on the River Road in the late 1940s and early 1950s. I had heard the sounds of the creature at night; my older brother Ed had told me what it was and the sounds scared me so badly that I would cover up my head in bed and shudder and cry, even get sick from the fright. I know that local adults were terrified by its possible nearness too, but my parents would seek to comfort us and assure us that it was just the pigs rooting out in the hog lot but we were never allowed to be outside the yard after dark and we were kept inside when the sounds or odor were sensed.

Ed was either brave enough or crazy enough to walk home from Kingsport late at night sometimes and often told of having seen, heard or even been confronted by the Long Dog. He swears he barely escaped the creature one night as he ran home.

Ed was a teenager, about sixteen years old. He was a bit of a rambler and out of the house lots of days and evenings. We had lived many places before we moved to the River Road, including the Long Island neighborhood, downtown Kingsport, Cherokee Village, Old Kingsport, Howard Hill, Bear Town, Nelson Town and other areas. He could easily walk back to those neighborhoods and pal around with his old buddies all of a long Summer’s day and, as might be expected, he would often stay too late in the day and be forced to walk back home as it was getting dark and end up walking all the way up the River Road in the almost pitch black darkness of night along the river.

Sometimes he would go to see a movie at the Gem Theater in Kingsport and if he still had a dime he would ride the city bus out of Kingsport, out Highway 11W to the Rotherwood Mansion, which was there over the west side of the river and just south below the highway, where the River Road took off from the highway and led up the river a couple of miles to our house.

It would be dark and tales of the ghosts of Rotherwood would haunt him and make his hair stand on end and he got off the bus and walked home. He could hear the wailing of long-dead slaves being tortured in the old manse. In his heightened fear he could swear he was seeing the wisps of the ghost of Rowena Ross approaching him, beckoning him. He couldn’t run; the graveled road was full of ruts and chuckholes and he would fall down. He couldn’t run because the road was pitch dark and so he literally had to feel his way along the road.

He said he heard the Long Dog may times, smelled the sulfur of its breath; even saw glimpses of its undulating form breaking through the trees along the river, and its glowing eyes, sometimes getting closer and closer to where Ed was trying to rush along the dark road home without being heard of seen by the creature. He tells about it being after him one such night and almost had him but Ed was close enough to the first house of our settlement, the Nards, and some of that family had a fire going down by the river and were cooking some food over the fire and spotted Ed and as Ed ran up to them the creature turned back down the road toward the Arch and Ed made it in safely that night. Ed was lucky.

Knowing what I do now about the Long Dog, I am stunned that Ed was never one of its victims.

But, the creature somehow would not come near homes and settlements but it would get as close as the nearest woods or where thick underbrush grew and attacks occurred there, not on peoples’ clearings. It came close enough though, as one of the more notorious attacks is said to have occurred at or not far from the mouth of the Arch (now erroneously called “Sensabaugh Tunnel” by thrill seekers). Present-day ghost story enthusiasts say that you can hear the screams of the man who was killed by the Long Dog there, if you stop there just after twilight in the dark stillness.

People outside the River Road area made fun of us for our beliefs, and the fact is that county lawmen never believed the tales and usually would not respond to them, so little or no investigation ever happened.

I do believe that because they were constantly fearful, that was the reason Mom and Dad moved us away from that settlement and back into Kingsport as soon as they could sell our house and property.

If you are silly enough to want to risk your life, walk down the River Road just after twilight some summer night, from Rotherwood and on up past the Arch (“Sensabaugh Tunnel”). See if you can brave the odd happenings around Rotherwood, and along the River Road, and by the Arch. But don’t stay too long; maybe that moan, somewhere near but maybe just off in the distance, isn’t a farm animal in a nearby barnyard. That rustling through the brush and, that feeling of something lightly brushing your cheek … maybe that isn’t the wind. And that faint figure you thought for a moment you saw approaching; maybe that is more than a warm mist rising from the stream running through the Arch and maybe that form you see isn’t that of a mortal being. Maybe the Long Dog will get you if you don’t watch out.

I can tell you that I return to my childhood home in East Tennessee from my present-day Indiana home, every couple of years. As I have grown older, I have given up the thrill of folklore ghost stories. I don’t believe ghost stories or in the supernatural, or the so-called “paranormal”. Yet, I often wonder as I travel back in time and space; “How did the Cherokees know the same creature centuries before we heard sober white men relate its existence? And, when I do go back, should I ever let myself be alone at night, along that dark, gravel road, along the river, near the Arch?

Finally, you don’t have to take my word alone, as to the haunts of the River Road (“Big Elm Road”). Go on the Internet and use such keywords as, then go to the top of the screen and click on "The Scribe” and go down the page to: “L.D; Scaring Myself as a Kid”. I don’t know who wrote that article but it sure is about the same creature. Or, go to “Rotherwood Mansion” or go to “Sensabaugh Tunnel”. At these sites you will see why my brothers and sisters and I still shudder when we remember that, fifty years ago, as small children, we lived within the haunting. DAVO

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Anonymous Jessica said...

I have been through the tunnel a bunch of time...but never heard anything...but I still believe it is haunted...i have never been to the 2nd tunnel I have only been through the one on Big Elm Road. I love scary stuff and i would like to have a encounter with the killer and hear the baby crying...even thogh its sad how the baby died...but the only thing I have accually heard was a faint scream now that I think of it.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some friends and i want to sensabaugh tunnel a few nights ago we thought it was all just a joke, we parked outside the tunnel and the odometer read 66.6. we took pictures and there were orbs everywhere all around us. we finally got brave enough to walk through the tunnel and we were not even all the way in the tunnel and we all stopped. all 6 of us saw a little girl with a white dress and lond dark hair standing in the tunnel her dress was blowing in the breeze. we were all overcome with a great sence of sempathy for the girl but there was another presence that felt evil and mad and it was an out of this world experinance.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous ShelliAnn said...

I live in Knoxville,Tennessee,Me,my boyfriend and a couple of our friends went to Kingsport,Tennessee to the sensabaugh tunnel,It is said that Mr. Sensabaugh went crazy and killed his wife and children including his newborn son.We turned onto sensabaugh rd. and we all sensed something negative.We went down Big Elm Rd. which is right beside Sensabaugh Rd. and turned around and found Sensabaugh Rd. finally.we got to a house right before the tunnel and there was an old man standing there frozen he was standing with his hand in front of him as if he were handing something to someone and he was facing the road.
we didn't see anything in the tunnel but we seen cows lying on the side of the road with their heads cut off and they were gutted.we went up the road a little bit and turned around to go back through the tunnel to see if we could see anything,but when we got back to that house,the old man had turned to face the house,but he was still standing in the same position.we went back onto Big Elm Rd. the road we were on before and there was nothing in the road,but when we came back we hit a rock in the road and tore the transmission out of the civic we were driving.we were stuck right across the cemetary from that old man,while we were waiting on the taxi that we called we heard several howling noises and scratching noises behind us.It is said that there is a longdog in the woods but he wont come on to peoples property so we tried to stay in people's yards,we plan on going back to see if we can encounter anything paranormal like we did the first time.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Jonathan, I'm a 15 year old student, and I've actually lived in Hawkins County, Tennesse my whole life. As usual with any hometown, ghost stories are a big part of the culture and I've been no slouch on researching them.
I've actually been through Sensabaugh tunnel a few times, although I've never really been there at night. And since I've been thtough it there's one thing that cannot be argued, whether you are a believer in ghosts or not, the place is a dump. It's also a very residential area, with many houses nearby.
I will tell you myself that I don't believe anything until I see it, and even them I believe it could be psyhological, but I actually do have some reasons that could lead to the assumption that the tunnel is actually just a hoax.

Reason 1:This is a famous story, and murders are recorded, so why is there no legal evidence of an actual crime. It's a story passed down from the generations, and it's not always true that every story has some basis in truth

Reason 2:I have a very good friend who states that at the age of seven she was in the backseat of the car when her, along with her aunt and uncle, claim they saw a teenage girl in a white dress (why is it with the ghost stories it's always a teenager with a white dress, fake innocence?), who turned toward them and stared at them with blank pits for eyes. I can say that this girl is indeed intelligent, but there is a big reason for this not being real, she was asleep in the back seat when they claim to have seen it, and she was only seven, chances are the story was just a fabrication they made up to scare her.

Reason 3:Everyone says they see a different ghost, wouldn't the ghost be the same all of the time, or is the ghost a psychological spirit who resides in our deepest fears, such as some form of demon. I'll tell you what, I'm not buying it, I believe in demons, but that isn't one, although if there is one, it's straight from hell.

Reason 4: The most important reason of all. My stepmom who I trust to tell me the truth is a nurse. She notified me that at one time, she was working with a group of nurses when the topic of Sensabaugh tunnel came up at lunch one day, one of them started laughing, the reason, she and her family before her had lived next to Sensabaugh tunnel their whole lives. She told them that she and her mom would go down to the tunnel almost every night and have their fun. It was a lover's lane from day one, and it was just the right spot to seriously freak people out, and that's exactly what they did. The fact that they got older while doing it over the years would contribute to the idea of seeing different ghosts, and by the way, how many people are really sure if they saw anything at all, and how many exaggerate? But to get back to the point the woman stated that she never, not one time, heard or saw anything, the reason, because she and her mother were the voices that were scaring those horomone driven teenagers over the years.

So do I believe in ghosts? The answer can be found in a fun but stupid movie called "From Dusk Till Dawn" but with ghosts instead of vampires, I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe in my eyes, and if my eyes are seeing ghosts, then I will believe it, but unlike most people, I would look closer. And for the record, my eyes have never seen anything to bother me about a graffiti infested site like Sensabaugh tunnel, I'd be more afraid of getting mugged in the tunnel than seing a ghost, or getting mugged by a ghost, now that would be a trip.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous chase said...

Yes i have been to the tunnel.I used to live near itWhen i lived in ramey town.Me and my friend Jeremy Hunley wen't down to the one that you can drive through it isn't haunted the one on the left about a half a mile before you get to that tunnel that is the tunnel that is actually haunted we went through it and heard voices and saw a man standing at the edge of is.I have also went to the tunnel by myself.There was a distant screeming in the back of the tunnel.If you ever go to the tunnel do not go ALONE.Dont even get out of your car alone on the dark river road.SERIOUSLY!!!

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is both tunnels Located

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ii have lived near the tunel my whole life and my papaw's mother was a sensabaugh. My papaw's uncle lived in the white house next to the tunnel and my papaw said that drunks would hang around that tunnel all night long.My great uncle got tired of them waking him up all night so he went over there and made up the story bout the baby and mother dying in it. Then a few nights later my great uncle sat on the railroad tracks on top of the tunnel and cried like a baby, my papaw said he could cry just like a newborn baby. so its all fake , my great uncle was just trying to get rid of the drunks.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Britt said...

This comment is for the 15 year old boy who said that there is so criminal evidence.

Maybe before assuming should actually do some research. The man was taken to court...and prob not guilty.

Also for the comment above mine. Why are you under anonymous and not showing your idenity. Possible before you're full of so much crap. Your grandfather may have went down to a tunnel and tell a bunch of drunks the story...but he didn't make up a story that later all of the area knew about....people don't just go to tunnels and say they see things.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous amber said...

i went to the tunnel last night and it was so scary you have no idea it was really hard to find tho if you come from the first tunnel take a right at the end of the road and as you near the end of the road look to your right and youll see a clearing look down and youll see the tunnel but if you come big elm rd way then just look on your left and youll see the clearing its near a drive way so you cant miss it but i believe its really haunted we walked above the tunnel and there looked like there was a face in the log we all seen it and then we heard something inside the tunnel but we werent sure we are going back tonite with a bunch of people. hope to see ya there.

10:30 AM  
Blogger kennedy said...

I went to the tunnel lastnight, but thankfuly nothing happened. people say ghosts arent real , they tell you its all in your head. Ive been to sensabough many times, and lastnight was the first time nothing happened to me. Maybe because every time i went the people had other supernatural stuff happened to them and knew that it was real. I know every time i go i am scared to death but something pulls me in for more.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me and my friend tried to find the tunnel last night and i dont think we found the right one could someone please give me good directions.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Waldo said...

I too was born,raised and still live on Big Elm or "River Rd."very near the 5 caves.I used to party with the old man who lived in the two story white house just west of the tunnel.When he got drunk he would cry like a baby.I'm thinking this could possibly be where the whole baby stuff started.He was somewhat a prankster too.Also there probaly has been a lot of baby's made in that holler too.HA

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Rod said...

There are two tunnels in the vicinity of Sensabaugh Holler as it is known. The supposed haunted tunnel is for public transportation (cars, trucks, etc) to drive under the railroad tracks. The other tunnel, which is located less than a mile north)is a CSX railroad tunnel. I have driven through the car tunnel on many occasions and ridden a coal hopper through the railroad tunnel. Never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary, however, i did go to highschool with a few people who say they have.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me and a friend of mine went to the tunnel around 10:30 and we stopped in the tunnel killed the truck but the truck kept rolling.we tried to start the truck back but it hesitated to not really sure about the other tunnel i would like to know some more info on it if anyone knows any cool info please email me

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all of you that say the tunnel's not real, you're gay. I've lived in Kingsport my whole life and made multiple trips to the tunnel. A lot of you probably aren't even going to the right tunnel. Every time I've been to the tunnel you drive through something unbelievable has happened and personally i've never had the guts to walk through the other tunnel but there is a baby carriage in it and friends of mine have been stopped inside of it.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only been to one of the tunnels, the one on Sensabaugh Road.(And if they are both on Sensabaugh road then the first one.)

I have never heard a baby crying. I have seen someone walking twaods the car. A shadow standing next to the car and someone trying to get into the car.

The sound i have heard still screw with my head. The first sounded like someone was dragging something on the ground. Then a person talking, and finally it sounded like someone hit the side of the car with a sledge hammer.

Also right above the tunnel there is a railrod track. If you go further up the mountain of the track you will come to a bunch of little caves. You need to watch out up there though. The people that live up there are crazy. They shoot then ask questions.

But back to the caves, they are said to have had Satanic rituals in them. Some wierd things are up there. So if you do decide to go up there. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Logan said...

Okay, here's my two cents: I live in Kingsport, and I have been to both tunnels about many times over the past year in the day time, and nothing has really happened. I got really creeped out the few times I walked through them, but I never experienced any definite paranormal activity. My emp meter didn't even spike more than twice. Now when I go, sometimes just out of boredom or to the small tunnel for peace and quiet because it's isolated, I'm not even creeped out anymore. The only possible paranormal thing I've experienced is my friend and I keep hearing voices. Every few minutes we will hear car doors and snippets of conversation, but I think it's just an echoe. It's a tunnel on a mountain in a residential area, so echoes don't seem that far-fetched. However, I will admit that the area is very creepy. I think that is what keeps drawing me back. It's a very rundown, ugly, isolated part of town, and it fascinates me. Yesterday my friend and out took a look at the burned out house next to the big tunnel, and it was creepy, but it didn't feel haunted. Then I drove through the tunnel and turned off the car inside it to see what would happen. To my horror, it didn't start. I panicked but quickly realized that I had forgoten to put the car in park before I turned the key. I imagine that's probably what a lot of people do.
So, I don't know if either place is haunted, but I doubt it, because my emp doesn't go off, I don't get any vibes from it, and it just doesn't scare me anymore. But I love the area's atmosphere. It's perfect for ghost stories.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and my girlfriend went to the tunnel last night and people say if you go through and come back and stop in the middle of the tunnel that you can see something. Well we did that but did not see anything but my radio started scanning through the stations and as soon as we got out of the tunnel it stopped.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a few friends of mine have been there several times and there are indeed two tunnels. the first one may be haunted but in the second one they claim to have heard demon voices and have been harassed by spirits.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anthony Walls said...

I grew up about a mile from Sensabaugh tunnel during the summer months. Sensabaugh tunnel is the easiest way on foot to travel between Sensabugh Holler and Shotgun Holler in what locals call Ramey Town. Unles you wanted to climb the hills and cross my uncle Jack Sensabaugh land. Near the tunel is also a natural land formation called bathtub rock for obvious reasons if you ever see it. No Sensabaugh or any other families child was ever kiled near or in the tunnel. I have been in the tunel hundreds of time have never had an experiance. Of course there is no evidence for any paranormal event to have ever happened. However the old Rock Quarry across the river along the RR tracks going into Kingsport used to be know as a place for Devil Worship because a bunch of kids used to paint devil crap on the rocks back in the 70's and 80's. However there is no know evidence that any devil worship ever took place. We used the rock quarry as our local shoting range as did most of the other kids who lived there.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anthony Walls said...

I grew up about a mile from Sensabaugh tunnel during the summer months. Sensabaugh tunnel is the easiest way on foot to travel between Sensabugh Holler and Shotgun Holler in what locals call Ramey Town. Unles you wanted to climb the hills and cross my uncle Jack Sensabaugh land. Near the tunel is also a natural land formation called bathtub rock for obvious reasons if you ever see it. No Sensabaugh or any other families child was ever kiled near or in the tunnel. I have been in the tunel hundreds of time have never had an experiance. Of course there is no evidence for any paranormal event to have ever happened. However the old Rock Quarry across the river along the RR tracks going into Kingsport used to be know as a place for Devil Worship because a bunch of kids used to paint devil crap on the rocks back in the 70's and 80's. However there is no know evidence that any devil worship ever took place. We used the rock quarry as our local shoting range as did most of the other kids who lived there.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went through with my brother and mamaw and we did as every1 said and turned off the car....we heard footsteps walking toward us the whole time we booted it up and left..we frieked out....SEnd some pics of weird things to me if u would.....

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to the tunnel on a saturday nite me and three other friends i had been there 3 times before and really never heard anything but that nite was really diffenet we walk in and check it out and we go to the middle of the tunnel and we said to wait five minutes so we turn off all the lights and wait and about i say 2 minutes into it i start to hear wispers and such but earlier a truck pulled up and we thought they were tryings to play a joke or something so we walk outside but thr truck was gone so we walk back into the tunnel go to the middle and we hear the wispers again we also had a camcorder but we didnt see angthing i thouht i seen something walkings up on me and then we heard a loud noise and ran out of there and when we got home we started to see thongs on the camcorder and we are going back on this saturday nite so in my mind i really do think this place is haunted we will be back on the 13 of may so we will see what happens

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was never so surprised to hear that Sensabaugh tunnel is supposed to be haunted. These people are my family and I KNOW there was no murder of ANYONE in that place! Don't know where people get such vivid imaginations! I've played in that tunnel and roamed those hills as a child growing up. Never saw or heard anything spooky. I was just there on Memorial Day, stopped the car in the tunnel, and killed the engine. Started right up, no problem!
Those of you who are coming out at 2:00 A.M. in the morning are wasting your time. Have some respect for other people's privacy.
This area was a beautiful place and now it is defaced with graffiti everywhere. People just have no respect.

12:08 AM  
Blogger tatted_freak said...

Well i have found myself way to into the paranormal... I have a good friend that has told me the true storie of sensabough tunnel and 5caves, i have had several things happen to myself and others there and 5caves, because they link together... Sensabough and 5caves has truely scared the hell out of me, and as attrackting as it is its not a place to wonder around. They say its the tunnel on the road but i beg to differ, ,its the one that sets off the road and the one thats actually on the train tracks, Iv been to all of them and those 2 are the only ones thats scared me.. I go spooking with a guy that is very intellagent as to the paranormal and could explain anything to anybody. I have tried to research what i an about sensabough and 5caves but couldnt find what i needed to, and my friend cleared up noy only what haunts senseabough and 5caves but what i have experanced in my own home. But what lerks and the tunnels and caves clearly doesnt need to be disturbed.

7:49 PM  
Blogger tatted_freak said...

Well i have found myself way to into the paranormal... I have a good friend that has told me the true storie of sensabough tunnel and 5caves, i have had several things happen to myself and others there and 5caves, because they link together... Sensabough and 5caves has truely scared the hell out of me, and as attrackting as it is its not a place to wonder around. They say its the tunnel on the road but i beg to differ, ,its the one that sets off the road and the one thats actually on the train tracks, Iv been to all of them and those 2 are the only ones thats scared me.. I go spooking with a guy that is very intellagent as to the paranormal and could explain anything to anybody. I have tried to research what i an about sensabough and 5caves but couldnt find what i needed to, and my friend cleared up noy only what haunts senseabough and 5caves but what i have experanced in my own home. But what lerks and the tunnels and caves clearly doesnt need to be disturbed.

7:49 PM  
Blogger tatted_freak said...

Well i have found myself way to into the paranormal... I have a good friend that has told me the true storie of sensabough tunnel and 5caves, i have had several things happen to myself and others there and 5caves, because they link together... Sensabough and 5caves has truely scared the hell out of me, and as attrackting as it is its not a place to wonder around. They say its the tunnel on the road but i beg to differ, ,its the one that sets off the road and the one thats actually on the train tracks, Iv been to all of them and those 2 are the only ones thats scared me.. I go spooking with a guy that is very intellagent as to the paranormal and could explain anything to anybody. I have tried to research what i an about sensabough and 5caves but couldnt find what i needed to, and my friend cleared up noy only what haunts senseabough and 5caves but what i have experanced in my own home. But what lerks and the tunnels and caves clearly doesnt need to be disturbed.

7:52 PM  
Blogger tatted_freak said...

Well i have found myself way to into the paranormal... I have a good friend that has told me the true storie of sensabough tunnel and 5caves, i have had several things happen to myself and others there and 5caves, because they link together... Sensabough and 5caves has truely scared the hell out of me, and as attrackting as it is its not a place to wonder around. They say its the tunnel on the road but i beg to differ, ,its the one that sets off the road and the one thats actually on the train tracks, Iv been to all of them and those 2 are the only ones thats scared me.. I go spooking with a guy that is very intellagent as to the paranormal and could explain anything to anybody. I have tried to research what i an about sensabough and 5caves but couldnt find what i needed to, and my friend cleared up noy only what haunts senseabough and 5caves but what i have experanced in my own home. But what lerks and the tunnels and caves clearly doesnt need to be disturbed.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous megan said...

i use to live right out of sensabaugh tunnel. What most people don't know is that the real sensabaugh tunnel is on top of the bridge. The tunnel is a railroad tunel so I hate to burst your bubbles. You need to go to the real one for some excitement. Also while your up there, there are also five caves that are extra scary. Sorry guys

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Lacie said...

i have been to the tunnel several times...i went the first time on October 1st for my 13th birthday...its a common thing in my family to go to the tunnel on your 13th birthday! I have lived in Kingsport Tennessee all my life and have always heard the story about the Tunnel...not once have i dared to turn the ignition off in the Tunnel but i sure have turned all the lights off in the car and you cant see a thang in it not even your hand in front of your face. but there is a story of the hound of hell at the old Rotherwood Mansion and they say it roams around in that area and once i was driving to the tunnel and my car was chased by a VERY large dog i'd say his head was twice the size of mine and came up to my car window it scared us to death and my hairdresser's family owned the big white house just right outside the tunnel and i also have a friend that lives in that area and none of them recall a big black dog living anywhere around there but i guess only Lord knows if it really was the hound of hell or not

2:55 PM  
Anonymous billy sensabaugh said...

At 39 i've heard the legeng of sensabaugh tunnel. My family has been in the region for generations. My family says it is a myth. I have been to the tunnel many times and had no effects in the cover of darkness. There are sensabaughs within 100 feet from the tunnel. Some are known to be eccentric but not killers. Nor have we lost any infants.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Krissy said...

I Live Not 10 Minutes From Either of The Tunnels...&& I Go To Both Of them ALL the Time.

I Am A Firm Believer In The Spiritual Side Of This World...My Front Yard Is A Cemetery...(Which Is the One Place I Believe Ghost Probably Won't Be Found As It Holds No Signifigance To Their Lives)

The New Tunnel Isn't Haunted...
Me and My Friends HAVE Played Pranks There...But Thats It.

The Old Tunnel I'm Not Quite Sure About As I Don't Ever Get Out Of My Car There...There Are Plenty Of Characters Around There That I'd Rather Not Be Aquainted With.

My Car HAS Stalled On Me There Before. But It Is A Possibillity The High Water I Had Drove Through To Get There Could Have Cause This.

The Stories Are Exaggerated But Possibly Have Some Truth.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous amber said...

hi i just wanted to leave a comment bout this. i just thought id say that i live right up from the tunnel and everything so id know if it was haunted or not. so i got news for you all that thinks its haunted.ITS NOT!!!!ive lived here my whole life,(cuz the sensabough's are my family)and not one thing has ever happened out of the ordinary. the thing about the baby crying isnt true at all. its not a baby crying its old man sensabough going up on top of the tunnel at night cryin like a baby.(those are also his footsteps too)so for those of you that are afraid of the tunnel dont be cuz none of the bullshit thats said about it is true,and never will be true!!

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that motherfucker haunted mayne.....

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i was in ther etrying to get some sweet puss from my bitch one night

and i heard that motherfucking ghost moaning mayne

im trying to make my girl moan not no motherfucking ghost

ya feel me

dont go in that motherfucka mayne

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fucken feel ya mayne.dat motherfucka is real beleave dat mayne

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fucken got drunk and walked threw it late at night but didn't see nothing.But i went threw it one night with me and a friend and something hit the back of the car and the door tried to open so we got the hell out of there quick.I allso had afriend that went threw it one night but and something big and black jumped out from the top of the tunnel and it was 3 times the size of a damn dog so what the hell was it don't know.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Mike Fowler/Taylor said...

I grew up in Sensabaugh Hollow during the sixties at the west end of the tunnel.
I am Mike Fowler, some of you who really know the history of Sensabaugh Hollow may also know me as Mike Taylor since my step dad was a Taylor and we were often called the Taylor boys. There are three of us, Mike,Donald and Greald. We grew up in Sensabaugh Hollow and went to Ross Camp Ground school and Church Hill High and I also went to Lynn View High for a while. The youngest Sensabaugh, Rodger, lived at the very West end of the tunnel and we lived in the next house west of him. That house burnt down some years ago. THE TUNNEL IS NOT HAUNTED!!!!!! Neither is the two above it that the railroad runs through and the other one that is mostly flooded by the creek between River Road and Ross Camp Ground. Yes I still call it River Rd. Not Big Elm. To me it will always be River Road. Roger Sensabaugh,I, my brothers,and some of our friends spent many night camping and doing many other things all night long in the hollow and hills around the hollow. If you were down in the hollow at night during the sixties we probably scared the crap out of you because we got tired of people messing around in our valley and hollow where they didn't belong and to be honest, it was just plain fun to scare the crap out of you, up to and including screaming and even throwing cherry bombs into the tunnel when you parked in there, slipping up behind you car and tapping on your trunk. I even remember getting over the top of the tunnel entry, especially on the east end and dropping a white sheet over from the top with fishing line so you would think it was a ghost. Mean? Maybe it was but it was a lot of fun and we got tired of you people invading our privacy in our hollow at night. AGAIN, THE TUNNELS WERE NOT HAUNTED. NEITHER WERE THE CAVES IN THE AREA!!!!! Don't believe me? Check the local school records in Hawkins County. I now live in Florida but my brothers, Donald and Gerald still live in the Kingsport area.And ask the other Sensabaughs in the area if they remember the Taylor boys, such as Alice and Daryl Sensabaugh who went to Ross Camp Ground School during the sixties. Or anyone else who lived in Sensabaugh Hollow during the sixties such as the Smith family, the Lane family, or the Head family. Any comments? contact me at

8:28 PM  
Anonymous James B. said...

Me and a few friends of mine went to the Tunnel last night and need I say we were all scared shitless. But I want to know, what are the letters HC SD. We seen them a few time on the way to the tunnel. What do they mean?

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sensabaugh Tunnel legend is a load of crap. I went to DB Highschool twenty years ago and have been to the tunnels a hundred times if I've been once. Me and some of my friends used to climb up to the tracks above the car tunnel and drink beer. We'd dress all in black and mess with people when they'ed stop in the tunnel. The foot tunnel down the road is just a shortcut to Shotgun Hollow. The scariest thing around there are some of the local residents. As for five caves, it's just an old quarry. There's a bunch of us who used to go down there to party, we used to paint crazy stuff on the rocks to scare people off. No satanists, just drunk highschool kids. I'm sure there were kids pulling the same tricks on people twenty years before us, just as I'm sure there's kids doing the same nonsense still today.

P.S. - If you want to see a real haunted house in Kingsport check out Rotherwood Mansion if you ever get the chance. I got to tour the place back in the summer of '87 before it was restored. There were still manacles and chains hanging on the walls of the root cellar from the slave days and even though it was summer and the house had no AC, the 3rd floor (Servants Quarters) was cold and oppressive.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When we went to the tunnel nothing really happened but when we were leaving about 3 big black dogs chased my car out ..

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my mom and my cousins and me went into the tunnel one night we were expecting a real scare but nothing happened we did everything we turned the truck off turned off the lights my mom even rolled down the window but nothing happened so i was dissapionted

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u want a real scare drive down dark hollow road at night if your comin from fordtown rd it should be on the left and a lil bit before the last turn you should see a white figure no joke my cousins and i both saw somtimes its in different spots or runing from somthing or playin a joke on you we drive down that road jus to see it we have a video too and we actually caught somthing check it out on thanx

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night me and a couple of friend went to the tunnel just for the fun of it you know the whole story the guy killing the baby and you can hear the baby crying and footsteps in the tunnel and a figure of a person and stuff whell we had a camera and took alot of pictures of us and the tunnel itself. whell when we got done and headed back to my friends house we looked over the pictures and in every picture you see a figure of a man's face and in another one with my two friends there at the end of the tunnel and when me and everybady looked at the picture you could see a figure of a man and when we left her house we looked over them one more time and the face was gone. So the legand's is true and i incourge you to go and check it out!!!

3:59 PM  
Blogger erica said...

i have never been but i would like to go.. but i dont want to waste my time going up there and not seein it haunted or not?

12:19 PM  
Blogger erica said...

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12:20 PM  
Blogger erica said...

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12:21 PM  
Anonymous Brian Baxter said...

i have never heard of there being two tunnels. i grew up in the area and only know of one tunnel. i have experienced something in the tunnel that scared me quite a bit. i heard the footsteps right beside my truck and then just a few moments after that i noticed something move from one side of my truck to the other in my rear view. it was almost like a shadow. it was enough to scare me.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends and I are from Bristol and we actually went to the tunnels. Before even stopping the car you can immediately feel a presence. I have never believed in ghosts, and I dont know if the stories of the tunnel are true, but something "out of the ordinary" does occur there. I dont know if it is a spirit or not, but it isnt human. The whole area freaks me out, the road itself is scary. I encourage everyone to go, it's very scary but worth it!! As everyone knows Halloween is coming up and my friends and I plan to visit the tunnels again! Be SaFe

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up in Colonial Heights, and graduated from Sullivan South in 1990. Back in '88, '89, and '90, my friends and I visited what we knew as Sensabaugh tunnel many times (the one on Big Elm). It is absolutely a creepy place, but that's just because it's run-down. We stopped the car and sat in the darkness many times. Nothing happened any time I was ever there.

We also partied at Five Caves many times. We'd build bonfires and drink beer. One night, a guy I knew built a chair out of rocks. The next week, someone reported that a satanic altar had been built up there (it was just my buddy's chair). People's imaginations get the best of them in that area. I never saw any satanists, and I never saw any ghosts.

Hell, as much as I don't want to label myself as a juvenile delinquent, we used to ride around all hours of the night and spray-paint TOBAR on bridges and underpasses as a prank. The local parents thought it meant there was a cult in the area.

I would say that 50% of the "paranormal" activity observed in the area is imagination, and the other 50% is someone having a laugh at your expense.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me,mysister and a couple of our friends went there and nuthin happend to us cause we cut the car off and got out we stood right in front of the car and the head lights were shut off and nuthin happended to us.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me,my mom,and some friends are going to the tunnel tonight at 9:00
we are really nervous.We heard about the tunnel on the radio this morning so we thought that is a great place to go to tonight cause we were gonna go to a place called the Haunted Hospital but its not true so were gonna go here!!!
Hope we see some ghosts!

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

I went three nights in a row. I don't know why, but I got obsessed with this tunnel. The orb thing doesn't do anything for me, because i've taken hundreds of pictures with "orbs". It's just the flash reflecting off of dust, or a raindrop or something. But I did find something in a picture I took that scared the crap out of me.

I never used to believe in this stuff, but this changed my mind.

Click here for the pictures.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sesabaugh is nothing to tamper with .. the tunnel on the road is not the real tunnel its the one that sits to the side of it... i have had many things happen there and 5 caves runs with sensabaugh and the real story is much more twisted than mr sensabaughs murders

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is really freaky to me because my last name is sensabaugh i live in mississippi, and i'm pregnant, so this is extremely freaky to me! it really makes me wonder about my last name!!!

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just went to the tunnels last night in fact, and me and some friends and family walked completely through it while walking through we stopped in the center and kneeled down. It is said to be that if you go to the center of the tunnel kneel down and call out Sensabaughs daughters name "Amelia" 3 times that she will come out as a glowing white orb, i didnt see her then but some friends of mine did. Also if you stand up and call Amelia out you could reach your arm out and feel her brush up against you, as i held my arm out my hand and wrist turned ICE COLD my hand was so cold that it actually hurt and i had to pull it in and warm it in my hoodie!! We came back through to the entrance and my friends left, but me and my family stayed and drove to the center of the tunnel in our jeep we rolled down the windows and cut off the engine to listen to the voices we heared what seemed to be a tv changeing its channels and two men talking we started calling Amelia again and everyone seen eyes pokeing out of the end of the tunnel, they would move in and out of the tunnel. we then seen an arm shaped figure reaching out of the other end toward the little girl we asoomed it was Sensabaugh. we pulled out of the tunnel and me rwo of my cousins and my brother in law went inside my cousin started yelling at Sensabaugh and calling him names. I seen the eyes again moveing toward us on the other side of the tunnel me and my cousin ran out of there as fast as we could....We have recordings that allow you to here foot steps and rocks being thrown!!!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Have never been to the tunnel, but a friend of mine said she had two or three friends that went into the tunnel. She said they called "IT" a she and now they have went crazy. He singled them out and tormented them. I plan on going to the tunnel tonight with my friend and her dad. I believe in ghosts and am very nervous yet excited. Hopefully nothing will happen to me.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just got back from their, well sort of, their was 4 of us, and me and my friend jake was the only ones who had the balls to go through it, we walked through the mofo,nothing happened

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know if it is real or not but I do know that a jeep load of friends of mine went to the tunnel and turned off the car and it would not come on for a few mins ( it was a new jeep). When they got to where I was at just a little bit down the road the rag top was slashed and was not like that when they left. When I asked them what happened they said that they turned off the jeep and it started rocking side to side and when they turned on the headlights they was NO ONE in site and they looked in frount of them and back and nothing and they was in the middle of the tunnel so noone could have gotten out of site that fast. Also I have been through the tunnel several times with my four year old and one day he came to me and said "mommy I dont want to go back to the tunnel where all of the paintings are they are bad things there that want to hurt us" and I had never said anything about ghost or anything bad to him. I do not know "WHAT" happen but I do know that SOMETHING happen there. So take the stories as you want. I will go on what my son said.

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for anyone that wants good directions to the tunnel here ya go. you can either get on Lynn Garden Dr going towards Webber City and turn left on to Carters Valley Rd drive till you see GREENVALE BABIST CHURCH and take a left just past it and when you see the road "fork" stay to the right. The other way is to come from Stone Dr/Allendale, you will turn up beside McDonalds and keep going straight you will come to a stop sign and you want to bear lrgt and then go straight. After you get out of the tunnel this way you can stay straight and go till the road forks and take a right and about 1,1/2 down the road I belive is the other tunnel that everyone is talking about I personally have not been to the second tunnel but I do plan on going and soon.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous DeathMarches said...

I live in Bristol not far from Kingsport. And with my expierence, you all might not believe.

But, here it goes anyways.

Me and 3 other friends decide to release the spirits from the tunnel. The first night, we went to take a look and get an expierence of how the tunnel is and how the spirits would re-act.

Let me give you a little detail about 1 of the people. She's the child from the 6th Sense movie. The "I see dead people" child. When she sees a spirit, she starts going into convulsions and tripping out. Bad enough I was dating her. lol

The first night went well. We stopped in the middle. And started hearing a baby cry. We almost could not get the engine to start. If we stayed there long enough, someone was going to jump on top of the car and tie the baby to a noose in the middle of the tunnel

The next night is when all the excitement happened. We went back to the tunnel to release the spirits. We sat in the car and talked to the spirits. When we did, we explained we want them to leave this world in peace. But, a demon was holding them in place to live their torment. So, they threw the baby spirit in the car. While going to our alter, you could actually feel the baby spirit roaming in the car. What sucks is that a demon was chasing us. When we got to the drive-way of our alter, the other 3 got out and when I got out... I was freezing cold. It was like.. 70-80 some degree weather. And to me, it felt like it was in the 30s-40s. All in all, we released the baby spirit.

We never actually got the full story on what happened.

But, till this day, I will NEVER go back to that tunnel.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im going to that bitch tomorrow :)
get some , maynnnnne .

&ill let you know what happened with the ghosts come out .

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im going to that bitch tomorrow :)
get some , maynnnnne .

&ill let you know what happened with the ghosts come out .

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im going to that bitch tomorrow :)
get some , maynnnnne .

&ill let you know what happened with the ghosts come out .

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to that tunnel tonight... that shit was scarry as hell... i ditn really know anything about it although i have lived here in tn all of my life... i dint know what to xpect, but i did see something loww to the ground near the end and it wasloooking at me... im not even joking... my friend was with me as well and we both saw it... i read on here that it is the long dog or some shit like that.. all i know is that is was there and it was staring at me like it wanted to eat me and my friend... also, at the the end of the tunnel, it felt like waling through an ice patch, it got so cold that i could see my breath... i will go back, and the next time im going to take a flashlight with me... but the scarriest thing about the whole walk through there was the terrible feeling that someone or somethig was walking behind us, but when i would look back, nothing was there.. i dont know what the hell, and i do mean HELL was in there...

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Well a while back Me, My ex boyfriend Tommy, and my lil brother went to the walk-through tunnel and we got to the end && started to walk back, all of a sudden Tommy stops && he was like Jessica did you just grab my leg, && I was like hunny, I have both of your hands. Then he was like run! && we heard thumping as we ran out. Then we went thru the drive through tunnel && we say this guy fishing && Tommy said hey to him && when we got to the other side we walked thru it && took a pic of the dude && he wasn't there...we were soo freaked out so we got outta there. && we went back that night & his truck like stopped in the middle of the tunnel...I was frakin out && about to cry.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also first went to the wrong tunnel...although it was scary too! But it was nothing compared to the real one. So we stopped back at the Exxon and asked a old man where the real one is. He was cautious about telling us and replied with "Who wants to know!?" Then he told us. We also saw the man fishing and it was freaky. Then we saw profanity written across the road in huge letters like f*** and Hell! Then was saw the really scary looking cemetary with only like 2 or 3 tombstones with a gate around it and a creepy looking white house. It's almost like you are being tricked and you turn the corner and there it is...and it has a sign that says "this is hell" and a caution sign on a tree that you can hardly see. I got so scared that I backed right up and backed into the driveway and! If anyone has any information on which tunnel is which...please let me know. Where is the walk thru tunnel??? Does anyone have any footage that I could see on video or audio, pictures, stories, etc...Thank you!!!

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in both tunnels about 5 times a peice. One time in the tunnel that you walk through I seen some creature with yellow eyes looking straight at me and my friend. We kept getting closer and finally it disappeared. It could have been a rat or something but no one will ever know. Also, another time I've went up there I was taking a leak and I seen people on top of the hill with flashlights. Ive also heard that there is three tunnels? But the 2-story house near one of the tunnels is pretty creapy looking. I'm suppose to be going there tonight and if I don't die ill send another post. But there is definately some bad energy around elm street.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey im going to the tunnel tonight around 10-11 if anyone wants to meet me there ill be in a blue car.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey im going to the tunnel tonight around 10-11 if anyone wants to meet me there ill be in a blue car.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey im going to the tunnel tonight around 10-11 if anyone wants to meet me there ill be in a blue car.

4:48 PM  
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I myself have been to both tunnels..the first tunnel is so small you cant take a car in there..I was too freaked out to walk in it so we went to the other tunnel..the drive thru tunnel. Now mind you, I was only 16..with my boyfriend at that time and his best friend..We were in a Dodge Dart Swinger...4 door..ugly car..anyway, it was 1980..and the tunnel was not flooded with water like it is now..the water ran in a little stream on the left side of the tunnel as you drove in..and the graffitti was not on the walls anywhere..we drove to the center of the tunnel..turned the car off and the lights..and sat there..nothing happened..insert here..there's one part of this legend that everyone has left out..the skull of the baby that is imprinted on the wall on the left come no one has mentioned that before? I'm telling you, when you turn the lights off in that is pitch cant even see your hand in front of your face or even the walls of the tunnel..but what I did see..I cant explain it nor would I want to..when I looked to my left..pass my boyfriends head..I seen the skull of that baby..glowing white..I freaked out and tried to start the car all the while yelling for my boyfriend to get us the hell out of there..I didnt hear any voices..I didnt hear any footsteps or anything of that nature..but what I saw that night, broke me from ever going to that tunnel ever again..So you thrill seekers out there..You want to see something? I dont think you do..I am now 43 years old..and I still see that skull in my sleep..My thoughts on this? If you want a thrill, go to an amusement park like Dollywood..Dont go in that tunnel looking for something that you really dont want to see..It will haunt you the rest of your life.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the orignal tunnel is before you ever get to the one with all the graffiti on it.But I have had some crazy experiences at both of them. the first one YOU CAN NOT DRIVE through it you have to park and walk because there is a river that runs through it.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

We went to both tunnels as a group trip. There were 8 of us that went. We were at the small tunnel and I had just stopped and filled my car up with gas. Setting in front of the tunnel my gas hand went all the way to empty we had 4 cameras all with fully charged batteries. At the entrance of the tunnel they all went dead. After getting back up to the pull over spot above the tunnel we had full charge. At the BIG tunnel, we were all in the tunnel and in the fog something from the wall actually pushed my fiances knee almost completely out from in under him. Out side of the tunnel we all got out and was taking a few group photos, well little did we know till we got home that directly behind me and my fiance is a woman. She looks as though her skin has been burned. There is no mistaken that it is someone or something. There are 7 of us in the photo and the 8th is taken the picture. There was no one else with us.Also at the large tunnel and the time the picture was taken, here was an overwhelming smell of roses that would come and go. There were also some other pictures that were un explainable and one of a member of our group. His picture is very color distorted and the picture of him is almost bone chilling. He is smiling at the camera almost with an evil vendictive smile. Brian was a very shy person that was new to our group. He says he remembers everyone flashing the camers but her never turned around to smile because he was leading his girlfriend into the small tunnel on the narrow walk way. Many can say what they want about believing and not believing but I know for a fact that the pictures and the things that happen that night has made 8 skeptics believers.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a bunch of my friends and i went last night... scariest night of my life.. it's the second time i've been. the first time nothing happened so i stopped believing. this time something happened. we parked our truck in tunnel and got out. it was pitch dark. couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. got to the middle of the tunnel and waited for about a minute. we started to hear a sound at the left end of the tunnel. a slight moaning sound... a light appeared.. looked like a lantern... then a figure appeared and started walking towards us. then all of a sudden we heard a baby crying at the other end for about 5 seconds... it was like a newborn baby.. so loud. i've never believed in any of this stuff and anyone who says this is all fabricated... you haven't experienced what i did last night. but i'm a believer now.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Rogersville, Tennessee which is very close to Kingsport. I have been to the tunnel a couple of times with my friends but tonight was by far the scariest! We got to the tunnel right around dark. We drove through and then turned around. My best friend's boyfriend decided that he would be brave and walk through so we let him out and started to follow him back through the tunnel. We had the windows rolled down and the lights turned off. I told my boyfriend to blow the horn just to freak him out a little bit. He blew the horn and after the echoing stopped all of us in the car heard the sound of a man screaming. We kinda blew it off for a minute and drove a little bit further. We stopped again and I asked my boyfriend to blow the horn once more. He did and once again all of us in the car clearly heard the sound of a man screaming. We freaked out and got out of the tunnel as quickly as we could. We picked up my best friend's boyfriend at the end of the tunnel and he said he never heard anything. After a few minutes we went back and decided to try again. We drove through and turned around again. This time as we entered the tunnel we all just barley had our windows cracked. We stopped and blew the horn and heard nothing. We drove a little further and tried again and still nothing. I am not sure why my best friend's boyfriend did not hear anything as he was walking through the tunnel or why we didn't hear anything when he was in the car with us.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do belive haunted because when we whent we parked in the middle and turned off the car and the two of us that kept our eyes open got a tingley fealing in our hands and fingures and our face started burnings and the girl in the back seat swore that she felt like people were touching her.&& as soon as we turned on the light and started the car the driver saw a dark skinned man with red eyes so as we pulled out the train ran over the bridge and we got out there was little hand prints all over the car. and when we tryed to leave EVERY road we took led us back to the tunnel.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive been through the tunnel that you can drive through...the saying about cutting your car off and it not starting...well..its night me and two of my friends decided to ride through it...well when we got in the middle of the tunnel i turn my car off and layed the keys on my lap...we sat that there to see if anything would happen...well nothing did we were just scaring ourselves. Then when it was time to leave my car wouldnt start..i tried it three times and finally the forth time it started.
The second tunnel can only be walked through, you cant drive though it because of all the big rocks. Everytime that ive went in ive heard the same thing. you can hear a man talking and you can hear footsteps. Ive told a lot of people about it and of course they didnt believe the only thing i can do is prove it to i try it if you dont believe me...youll turn on the road right beside on the Rotherwood mansion...youll come to two roads one will go up a hill and the other one will be on the right side of that road..go on that soon as your on that road pay attention to your left and youll see it youll have to park your car outside of the tunnel..go in with a flashlight and walk down the sides of the tunnel until you get to the middle. Then turn your lights off and listen.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth tester said...

I visited the tunnel with some friends and we never herd or saw anything but then a again we went in the daylight and didn't stay long.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night was my 2nd time to the tunnels. The 1st night it was just me and my good friend. It was the 6 month that my cousin had been dead. He was killed in a car wreck on powder branch rd. His name is Dustin keep that in mind. When we pulled up to the drive through tunnel his name was written on the sign before u go in the tunnel. Gave me chills.. we turned into someones drive way to turn around on the other end of the tunnel there was a dog there. Whats weird is when we got almost off big elm rd that dog was sitting on the side of the street. You tell me how that dog got miles up the road before we did and we were driving. The 2nd night that scared me even more.. heres what happened....Me and my good friend and 2 of my cousins when to the 2nd tunnel 1st then we left to go pick up some othe friends nothing happened the 1st time. The 2nd time we went back it was about 2:00 am. I had a really bad feeling... We pulled up to the 2nd tunnel there was some people already there they were sitting outside looking at some pics they had taken. We started to go in the tunnel and you could hear men talking. Then i heard a big boom we all ran out. My my cousin was in front of me and the other 2 people were still at the front of the tunnel.... something pushed me and i fell in the middle of the road what ever "it" was pushed me hard enough that i slid across the ground. My cousin and friend went back in and i saw a man stand at the tunnel watching them. I told them what i saw they thought i was crazy. We started to leave but we wanted to shine our car lights inside the tunnel so we backed up and started to about that time the word die was wrote on the outside of the window twice. A hand print appeared on myside of the car window. We saw a figure of something standing behind the car in the sideview mirror. We started to leave and we saw 3 black dogs. We all left then came back later. We are going back another night to see what else we can find.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous heather light said...

I am a Sensabaugh decendent, my grandmother, (moms mom) is a sensabaugh. I am wanting to know the facts. I grew up with this story and now 23 want to know the truth. email me thanks

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok... im really wantin to go to this tunnel... or these tunnels.. but i cant anybody to give me good directions. i live in morristown tn which is about an hour away.. me,my boyfriend and some friends r wantin to check it out before halloween.. we want to get scared and we want it to b real.. can somebody please let me know the truth bout these tunnels? and i just thought it was funny at all the ppl who got on there and said they were the ones playin the jokes and they were part of the family and all the different ppl that live in the white house.. i want somebody to b honest with me and tell me the truth not some bull crap...thanks.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a couple of my buddies and i went through the smalled tunnel, with only a couple flash lights, it was pretty creepy being around 2 am, nothing happend though, just the idea of how late it was and stories were pretty scafry enough but nothing happend, heard nothing seen nothing. In the larger one though, my friend did say when we were walking through it , what sound to be like boots running on the ground towards us, but he didnt say anything until we were back in the car. So, im glad nothing killed us..

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to drive through the larger tunnel at least once ot twice a week just to look at the graffiti, nothing ever happend, no voices, no images, car always started up if turned off. Ive only actually walked through the smaller tunnel which is said to be the actual one where the events took place but...only sound my friends and i heard was the sound of water...

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Ally said...

I've been to all three tunnels many, many times. we used to go out to look at all the grafitti and how new stuff shows up everyday. Nothing has ever happened. Although we never made it into the railroad tunnel because a train came. we've been day and night and in and out of the car...and nothing!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went there at about 11:00PM with my friend and his mom and we pulled up at the start of the tunnel and we all saw a dog at the end standing on water we left right then.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great grandmother was a Senasbaugh, born and raised in the two story white house at the end of the tunnel. No one ever killed a baby in the tunnel!! My grandfather has often told me of the nights he and his buddies would go on top of the tunnel, and cry like a baby!!!Throw stuff down at people, they started all this, and i think it is so funny that it has turned into all this!!

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went there years and years ago because we heard this rumor was true. It's spooky, yes, but we turned off the engine and sat there and the car started right back. No weird sounds except for wooded noises that are normal. We did this several times in hopes of hearing something but nothing happened. Oh well. Just a rumor I guess.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you all have anything better to do than go around looking for ghosts that people are telling you that aren't real, come on have you seen the pictures of the so called ghost??? anybody who knows how to use photoshop could do that. Besides it looks like someone is holding a finger in front of the lens, or someone is on the other sided with a flashlight shinning it at them, come on there has to be a better hobby than that. How about painting over all those cuss words thats been painted on the tunnel! Show some respect to the people who live in the the hollow, how would you like a bunch of thrill seekers invading where you live????

10:12 AM  
Blogger battlehottie2007 said...

i went to the walk in tunnel and the drive through tunnel on halloween of this year 2007 i went with a group of 6 ppl 5 others and me wehn we were in the drive through tunnel nothing happened and when we went in to the walk in tunnel and stayed very quiet we heard drowning sound and the baby crying and we seen numerous this if you would like go check them out on my myspace and in my blogs or on youtube. my myspace is and the pics are in the tunnel album and the videos are in a blog
Oh and we had a no smoking rule in the tunnel and we got things on camera and video we wouldnt have never seen with our bare eyes

marlee ingle
bristol va
future ghost hunter

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait in one week I get to go down to this tunnel!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears there have always been as many people around deriving pleasure in playing ghost in and around Sensabaugh tunnel as there have been people hoping to see or hear something scary. My husband, as a teen in the late 60's and early 70's, along with a gang of his friends, regularly went to the tunnel to hide out late at night and frighten those who came hoping for a scare. They delighted in such acts as climbing above the tunnel and dropping small objects to the road below, swinging a sheet suspended by fishing line across the end of the tunnel, blinking a flashlight covered in thin red cloth on and off, giving quick glimpses of an illuminated face (one of their own), speaking in loud exaggerated whispers, the echos of which the tunnel magnified, and my husband's specialty was the baby-cry.
The myth of the haunted tunnel has been passed down through the years. The road leading to and from the tunnel has become litter-strewn and the tunnel itself graffiti-covered and foul-smelling due to the thrill-seekers and mischief-makers drawn to the spot.
As long as the tales of haunted tunnel are passed on, there will always be ghosts there waiting for the gullible........

12:26 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Ok, first off, what is a black aggie?
What is a Long Dog?

I went to the tunnel last night with 3 of my friends. We had absolutely no experiences inside the minor walk-in tunnel. We walked up to the wooded part in the back of the tunnel and NOTHING. We did hear the footsteps when we were inside our car parked in the middle of the Major tunnel. Then we parked the car and walked to the middle of the Major tunnel, I yelled out, "Do you want us here?" It replied "No" in a distinct voice, I shit you not.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i moved to Tn a few years ago and one day people were telling me about this tunnel so i said ok take me so i could see for myself well we puled in the tunnel and turned the car off i got to nervious cause it was really dark but then a car started comen so we tried to start the car but it wouldnt start it was a cop coming thruogh when we finally got it started when he turned on his blue lights the other tunnel you got to walk through is really scary you can hear stuff and see like white shadows in there

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Mel said...

This is not the real tunnel the real one is on Big Elm Rd

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the actual Sensbaugh Tunnel is located on the Big Elm Road across from the Rutherwood Mansion. The tunnel is actually located on the left hand side of the road. there will be a small dip on the main road and a white house that sits on the right. but the tunnel is located on the left side across from the house.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there's one you can walk through, and there's one you can drive through. I went there the first time yesterday. But it was during the day. My friend wouldn't go IN it. So we just drove past it. But today, we went IN it. During the day, because my friend was afraid to go in at night...And when we were walking through, my friend said "Do you hear that?!" she grabbed my arm and I listened, and it sounded like people talking. Distantly though.

I'm a believer in ghosts, but I don't know what to say on the subject of this tunnel. We're going sometime at night, and when we do I'll keep it posted.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in a small town called Gate City, VA...right near the TN state line. Me and my friends have been down there messing around a lot. We have never actually been to the "real" sensabaugh. The tunnel of of Big Elm was enough to scare the hell out of me and my friends. Been going down there since I was 16 and able to drive. Every new friend I have made, I take down there to scare them :) it's pretty funny.

The story I know goes that a lady that lived in a house right up the road from the tunnel on Big Elm drowned her baby on a night that the tunnel was flooded. If you drive into the middle of the tunnel, roll your windows down, turn the car off, and put your keys under the drivers seat, you will hear a baby crying. Did this once, pretty much just got the shit scared outta of us and got the hell outta there. Don't know if there is any truth to it.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

hey everyone! ok my cuz commented this and said its not haunted but i beg to differ....ive lived in the same place as her for the first 11 years of my life and still visit often.We always go to these tunnels~! They are two tunnels a little one in basically our backyard with water running through it and then a longer one you actually drive through commonly known as "sensabaugh hollar"....Me and my mom and some family went in our green van last night (2/16/08) to scare our out of town family members who were visiting...we got in the tunnel hopeing to scare them but infact got scared whitless. We were looking and thought we saw a shadow of a tree but it got closer and looked like a a dim light flashed and we slowly began to drive on through the tunnel because we thought it to be a car light but it got brighter and we drove out and stopped up the road just enough to see in the tunnel waiting for a person or car to emerge but it did not...we didnt go back because we wouldnt let my not sure if you believe me but i do kno for a fact we seen something... a ghostly figure coming torward us...then we drove to the gas station in allandale and got out to pee(thats how much we were scared) and noticed boney handprints on the back van window.....idk if you believe me but i sure thinks its haunted!

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it scared me to death put more on trie scaring someone your ownsize

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in Kingsport my entire life. I have been to sensabaugh tunnel probably 15 or 20times. One night we went out there about five deep and got out and walked through the tunnel, we even sprayed lighter fluid in a cross figure on the inside of the tunnel and lit it. It burned and looked really crazy and we were a little haunted by the sight of it. But as far as hearing or seeing anything, nothing like that has ever happened to me. It is a very creepy place, especially when you have heard all of these stories about it your entire life.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i used to live in kingsport we went there,and shut off the cars.we set the keys in the floor board and everyone got then we all get scared and get back in the car and it wouldnt start,the next day theyre were little foot prints all over the hood.ill never go back there!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in carters valley all my life just a few minutes from sensabaugh tunnel.I have been in the one you can drive through many times.I had never even heard of the second tunnel until recently.I am 33yrs old and have been going there since i was 16.The only strange thing that ever happened was a once when me and my best friend drove through one night a very large black dog came out of nowhere and leaped at the drivers side it was growling and chased the car for a short distance.This happened around 1am.I remember my friend and I both laughing @ how scared we had been of this dog.We were around 19 @ this time.We joked about it being the demon dog from hell.I have never seen a dog in that area since day or night.I was shocked to find while reading these comments that other people have encountered a dog.I am a little freaked out now.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 33yrs old have been driving through sensabaugh tunnel since i was 16.Sometimes with friends for fun but most of the time just to get where we were going as i have lived in carters valley all my life.I didnt even know there was a second tunnel until recently.I had not heard the stories of a murder or anything only that the tunnel was haunted.The only thing strange that ever happened was once when I was 19 my best friend and I were driving through the tunnel around 1am and as we were coming out this end of big elm rd a very large black dog leaped out of nowhere on the drivers side.It scared the hell out of us.It was growling and snarling and chased the car a short distance then seemed to disappear.We laughed afterward about the demon dog from hell and how we were still shaking.We were always out riding around at night and went through the tunnel often.I had never seen much less been chased by a dog anywhere near there before or after.I was shocked to learn other people have encountered a large black dog there.When I read those stories they sent chills down my spine.I remember how weird it was that a dog had scared both of us so badly maybe it was a demon dog from hell and we should not have been so quick to laugh it off.I drove through there today on my way home but after this I'm not so sure I'll be going through that way anytime soon or maybe never again.This has seriously freaked me out.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking over these posts, the SCARIEST thing I find is that so many of the posters appear to be practically illiterate. These people should be spending time learning to write and spell instead of standing around inside tunnels in the middle of the night.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went there last weekend with my friends. We stopped right in front of the tunnel and we waited for 15 minutes. I had taco bell about an hour before and really had to take a poop. So I decided to go into tunnel and take a dump, the ultimate ghost finding. I pulled down my droors and started it off and as soon as it landed in the water I saw a little boy crawling towards me. It screamed and i ran away and pooped myself on the way back to my car.
The next day my friend Frank went there and said the poop was gone, so I figured the baby must have had a gross ghost treat.

8:19 PM  

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