Friday, April 22, 2005

Copper Ridge Church

On a backroad north of Knoxville is a church that used to be called Copper Ridge Baptist Church (it has since changed names). It was here that during the mid-1990s that many miracles are said to have occurred.

Much has been written about this church (here, here, and here. One of the best accounts comes from Crosses of Light:

Knoxville Tenn. - 1995 - "I can't get the hair on the back of my neck to do anything but stick straight out these days. The crosses are indeed in the windows at the Copper Ridge Baptist Church. That is a fact. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. There at first, I was a bit of a skeptic myself. But now that I've seen the crosses of Copper Ridge with these two eyes, I'm a believer"

- Bob Hurley, columnist for The Greenville Sun

On November 8, 1995, the members of a small, 135-year-old Baptist church near Knoxville, Tennessee noticed that the light coming in through the windows was in a new pattern: the shape of an even-armed cross. All five sanctuary windows, which have been installed in the church for 26 years began to exhibit the same phenomenon.

The crosses are not on the window per se, but are suspended in mid-air like a holographic image some 30 yards away from the building. They appear white in the daytime when the light source is the sun. At night, when a streetlight is the light source, they are a fiery, reddish-gold. And while the image which appears on the glass may only be four to six feet tall, the crosses, as seen through the windows, stretch from the ground upward to about 40 feet.

Since the Knoxville crosses have been made public via word-of-mouth and local, national and international media, more than 35,000 people have visited the church. There have been many undocumented claims of healing - such as blindness, deafness, cancer, and drug abuse.

Unfortunately, the church no longer encouraged nonmembers to visit, even going so far as to blacken over the windows so that the crosses will no longer appear. On the night of April 21, myself and some friends visited the church and took these photos:


Blogger Kayy said...

Okay i have a question. I stubbled upon this post as part of research for the COpper Ridge church. I live very close to there, about ten minutes away. I never got to see the actual church, it was torn down by time i moved close. Theres an old legend homever about whats happened there. According to legend, the minister was very disturbed by the happenings around his church adn he killed his family in the house next to the church then hung himself in the church. I have meet people who have been inside the church and on the property since then and they all experience something very very very out of the norm. SOmethign paranormal. Such as seeing the hanging ghost. Do you know anything about this rumor?

please email me back

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