The Mysterious Bethbirei Church

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Bethbirei Presbyterian Church is located just outside of Lewisburg, in Marshall County, TN. It was founded in 1810. Given it's nearly two-hundred year history, it's not unexpected that this church is said to have accumulated a number of ghosts and spooks.

Surrounding the church is an ancient cemetery, with graves dating back to the early 1800s. These graves are said to be a haven of paranormal activity. Lights are said to hover about in the cemetery at night, and grave stones are said to glow with an eerie green light after dark. The graves across the road are especially said to be possessed.

The graves across the street are ancient. Many are unmarked, and most of those who do have stones are now unreadable. When you walk around the cemetery, you definitely get an uneasy feeling. Perhaps those forgotten ones of long ago buried in the ancient graves want us to remember them. Many visitors to the church report feeling emotions ranging from anxiety to pure horror.

Aside from the paranormal activities emulating from the graves, it's also been suggested that the building itself is haunted. Strange figures and lights have been seen in the windows by passing motorists after dark. Perhaps some former members from the church's long history loved the church so much, they still come back to visit.

As if these lights and apparitions weren't unsettling enough, there are also those who report seeing huge, manlike beasts who walk around on their hind legs! Some of these reports might be considered the legendary bigfoot, or perhaps a cousin of the Wampus Cat of East Tennessee.

Unlike most haunted churches, Bethbirei is still active. Not surprisingly, many members of the church tend to not want to discuss the alleged hauntings.


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