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Turkey Television


"All around the world, from Paris to the Taj Mahal
They're watching TV everywhere, and you can see it all on...
Turkey, Turkey TV....Turkey, Turkey TV.....
Anywhere they got TV, Thurman Turkey's there.
Bringin' it home to Hollywood and puttin' it on the air.
We won't fail, though the world's on his tail...
Turkey, Turkey TV....Turkey, Turkey TV...."


Jim Thurman........Thurman T. Turkey

Created by Roger Price and Geraldine Laybourne.

Aired on Nick and Nick-At-Nite from 1987-1993.

Turkey TV

Turkey TV was a Canadian-produced sketch comedy for youth, ordered by Nickelodeon due to You Can't Do That on Television's popularity. It featured many original skits and comedic selections, including many clips from NJ's infamous Uncle Willy and Floyd Show.

The series was about an animated Turkey, who traveled around the world filming television shows from other countries, then "bringin' it home to Hollywood and puttin' it on the air". The cast featured Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Kevin Kubusheskie, and Adam Reid, all of You Can't Do That on Television fame.

Included in the segments were "A Day in the Life of Food", "Hillary and Katie", "Gramps and Sonny", a segment where Adam Reid talks to an alien who lives in his closet, and all we see is the alien's hand, "Good Ol' Kentucky Boys", and many more. The show aired on both Nickelodeon and Nick-At-Nite.


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