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The Third Eye


The Third Eye was a hodgepodge of foreign mini series' that aired on Nickelodeon beginning in 1983. It consisted of "Into the Labyrinth", "Children of the Stones," "The Haunting of Cassie Palmer," and "Under The Mountain." These shows were very strange, and not the upbeat stuff kids were used to. In fact, many people have told me they didn't believe these shows were originally aimed at children at all. Their bizarre nature, and unclear target audience made them something of a novelty that hasn't been seen since it's time on Nick. I think they MIGHT have resurfaced on Special Delivery a few years later, but I'm not sure.

Children of the Stones

Adam Brake........Gareth Thomas
Matthew Brake.....Peter Denim
Raphael Hendrick..Iain Cuthbertson
Sandra Smythe.....Katharine Levy
Margaret Smythe...Veronica Strong
Miss Clegg........June Barrie
Bob...............Ian Donnolly
Mrs. Crabtree.....Ruth Dunning
Kevin.............Darren Hatch
Dai...............Freddie Jones
Dr. Lyle.........Richard Mathews
Mrs. Warner......Peggy Ann Wood
Link............John Woodnutt

This show originally aired in the UK, and was centered on bizarre rock formation in England. A scientist named Adam Brake discovered that the entire population of a neighboring town were somehow under the spell of an unseen force originating from the formation. This series lasted for seven episodes, until finally Brake and his son Matthew discover a way to break the bizarre spell.

Into the Labyrinth

Phil.....Simon Beal
Terry....Simon Henderson
Rothgo...Ron Moody
Belor....Pamela Salem
Helen....Lisa Turner

Helen, Terry, and Phil accidentally released Rothgo, a sorcerer who had been trapped. He then took them on a quest through time and space to recover a stolen artifact that apparently had some huge power behind it. It turned out to be in the clutches of the evil witch Belor. Originally there were three seasons filmed in the UK, but only the first season (seven episodes) crossed the Atlantic to appear on the First Network for Kids.

The Haunting of Cassie Palmer

Cassie Palmer...Helen Probyn
Mrs. Palmer.....Elizabeth Spriggs
Tom Palmer......Stephen Bint
Mary Palmer.....Ruth Adcock
Deverill........Geoffrey Rose

This was a classic ghost story. Cassie was the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, which, due to her lineage, caused her to be able to summon the spirit of Deverill (think about that one). The Palmer's did manage to defeat the evil spirit, however. Ran for seven episodes, from the UK.

Under the Mountain

Rachel Matheson...Kristy Wilkinson
Theo Matheson.....Lance Warren
Mr. Wilberforce...Bill Johnson
Mr. Jones.........Roy Leywood

Under the Mountain was New Zealand in origin, and focused on twins Rachel and Theo who went to visit an aunt. While they were they, they met Mr. Jones, who they had apparently met several years earlier. It turned out that Mr. Jones was an alien, and he had been sent to recruit Rachel and Theo to assist him in his battles with another race of aliens, who were sluglike, but could take on any form. It was also revealed that the twins had psychic abilities, and they were able to use this to defeat the evil aliens.


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