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"Can't wait to get to Mapletown, my favorite place to be. Maple Town and me.
Living each day, we laugh and we play, my favorite place to be. Maple Town and me."

Mrs. Maple.......Janice Adams

Patti Rabbit.....Reba West
Bobby Bear.......Susan Roman

VP of production: J. Edward Bergh
Supervising Director: Robert V. Barron
Live action producer and director: Mary Jo Blue
Music: Haim Saban and Shuki Levy
Music coordination: Andrew Dimitroff
Video editing: Larry Porsche

Aired in Japan from January 19, 1986- Jan 11, 1987
Aired on Nick Fall, 1987- April 2, 1993

My Favorite Place to Be

Mapletown originally aired in Japan. It was about a village inhabited by animals who were like humans. The story centered on the Rabbit family (Patty, Ricky, Rachael, and their parents), Patty Rabbit's best friend Bobby Bear, and assorted other inhabitants of the town (Mayor Dandy-Lion, Danny Dog, Fanny Fox, Miss Dear, Sheriff Bulldog, and the infamous Wild Wolf).

The show always started out at Mrs. Maple's house, and she would explain the plot of the days episode. It always closed there as well, and she would almost always say: "My garden of Maple Town is very special to me.. but each and everyone of you is even more special." She was definitely a motherly image.

Cliff (Skyvolt2000) supplies this information:
"Janice Adams played Talkatoo on another show. I can't even spell the first part-Zoobili Zoo... Most of the voice in the US version came from Robotech and Sailor Moon....the actress that voice Zoycite as Danny...
An actress named Hedi from California Dreams and Fame LA is listed as doing a voice. I don't know who...

Videos made:
Welcome to Maple (first two eps, a mouse family story and a Mickey Mole story)
Medicine from Maple Mountain (with a Fanny story)
House made with Love
A Baby comes to Maple Town
Case of the Missing Candy (Teacher don't go)
Prettiest Dress in Maple Town (Betty Badger included)

Other episodes:
Palm Town storyline with Patti, Bobby and Mickey (2 parts)
Maple town play with Polly Pig and Danny in the leads Danny/Bobby story about Bobby's brothers getting sick Bisty Beaver story
Rachel helping Dr. Dog in a mining camp
A family comes down the mountain to visit
Sequel to Danny/Bobby story with Patti going to Maple Mountain
videos can be found at Mainly Case of the Missing Candy and Prettiest Dress in Maple Town."


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