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The Little Prince


"The Little Prince
from outer space
can catch a shooting star
and sail away....
Perhaps one day, he'll come your way."

The Little Prince episodes were made in 1978, and aired on Nick from 1983-c.1988 in the mornings, around 8:00 AM on weekdays. They were based on Antoine de Saint-Exuperty's book The Little Prince, which was published in 1943. Basically the show was about a little boy who lived on a tiny asteroid known as B612. This was a tiny, round planet and had three volcanoes. He cleaned them out everyday to keep them from erupting, even though one of them was extinct. He also used the two active ones to cook on, and the extinct one as a table.

He also had a girl, who lived in a rose. She was "very vain, and quite demanding, but oh so beautiful." She was jealous of The Little Prince when he went on his journeys to other worlds. Also on B612 were other flowers (none of them talked though) and butterflies.

One day he was on his planet when he met a space bird named Shifty who talked in a 1970s style of Jive. He told the Little Prince that he could catch comets and travel to other worlds. Apparently the fact that there is no oxygen in space doesn't prevent birds from living there. Swifty then rounded up his friends, who where a flock of space geese, and caught then in a net. The Little Prince held onto the net and they lifted him into space where he literally caught a comet in a net, held onto the net's handle, and flew "faster than the speed of light, faster than the speed of time" as the narrator proclaimed. The comets would then crash into planets. Not surprisingly, he almost always came to Earth.

The Little Prince was always helping people on Earth. The whole concept of "catching" a comet is fascinating to little kids, and I was no exception. I always wondered how The Little Prince caught comets to go back home, however.


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