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"Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should...
terrify their neighborhood.
But Heathcliff just won't be undone
playing pranks on everyone.
There's a race to be on top. The competition doesn't stop.
Mixing with the ladies fair, being charming, debonair.
The gang will reign supreme, and no one can deny-y-y-y.
They1ll make some history, and always have an alibi-i
So join in the jubilee, the cats are great, they'll all agree.
Find in each calamity, the cats superiority.
Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should...
terrify their neighborhood.
But Heathcliff just won't be undone.
You should realize he can win it with you!



Cast (voices):
Heathcliff...........Mel Blanc
Iggy.................Donna Christie
Grandma..............Ted Zeigler
Sonja................Marilyn Lightstone
Spike................Derek McGrath
Milkman..............Stanley Jones
Franks (Fish guy)....Danny Mann
Muggsy...............Derek McGrath
Riff Raff............Stanley Jones
Hector...............Danny Mann
Mungo................Ted Zeigler
Wordsworth...........Stanley Jones
Leroy................Ted Zeigler
Cleo.................Donna Christie
Bush.................Danny Wells

Syndicated: 1984
Aired on Nick c.1987-c.1991.

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

The adventures of the orange tabby. Heathcliff was something of a bully, but appealed because of his rebellious nature. He like to bully Spike (a neighborhood dog), and hung around with Hector, Mungo, and Wordsworth (The Catillac Cats).

Heathcliff was the family pet of the Nutmeg family, which consisted of Pop, Grandma, and Iggy. Grandma loved Heathcliff, which had a tendacy to to annoy Pop to no end, and served as fuel for their ongoing "rivalry".

Heathcliff usually lasted about 11 minutes, so the second half of the show was dedicated to Heathcliff's friends the Catillac Cats, and their leader Riff-Raff. They were stray cats who lived in a junkyard guarded by an incompetent guard dog named Leroy, who often tried to force them out, but to no avail. Even so, Leroy was often an ally to them.

Riff-Raff's girlfriend was named Sonja, and she lived in a music store with another incompetent dog named Bush.
wenlar supplies this information: "This series was another france/japan co-production, but since it was based on an american comic strip character, no one in the US seemed to notice. Anyway, i managed to salvage these names from the neary-undecipherable credits:

Executive Producers:
Tetsuo Katayama
Jean Chalopin
Bruno Bianchi

Production Coordination:
Mitsuya Fujimoto
Michi Himeno

Araki Production
Asahi production
studio look"

The Episodes

The Great Pussini, Kitty Kat Kennels, Chauncey's Big Escape, Carnival Caper, Mad Dog Catcher, Circus Beserkus, Rebel Without a Claws, The Farming Life Ain't For Me, Heathcliff's Middle Name, Wishful Thinking, The King of the Beasts, Cat Can Do, Smoke Gets in My Eyes, Much Ado About Bedding, City Slicker Ca, House of the Future, Spike's Cousin, For the Birds, Heathcliff's Pet, Swamp Fever, Teed Off, Monstro and the Wolfman, Say Cheese!, Cats Angels, Meow Meow Island, Family Tree, Who's Got the Chocolate?, Be Prepared, Cruisin' for a Bruisin, Heathcliff Gets Canned, Wackoed Out, Brain Sprain, May the Best Cat Win, Revenge of the Kitty, Hospital Heathcliff, Going Shopping, Wild Cat Heathcliff, Catburgler Heathcliff, The Blizzard Bandit, Kitten Smitten, The Gang's All Here, Snow Job, Heathcliff Pumps Iron, Heathcliff's Double, Terrible Tammy, Big Top Bungling, Lard Times, Spike's Slave, Gopher Broke, Soap Box Derby, Where There's an Ill, There's a Way, Bamboo Island, Butter Up!, Sonja's Nephew, Cat Food for Thought, Phantom of the Garbage, Trombone Terror, Pop's Parole, The Siamese Twins, Copa Ca Heathcliff, Used Pets, An Officer and an Alleycat, Service With a Smile, Boom Boom Pussini, Sealand Mania, The Super M.A.C. Menace, Heathcliff Reforms, A Piece of the Rock, Flying High, Heathcliff Surprise, The Catfather, Tally-Ho Heathcliff, The Great Tunda, The Baby Buggy Bad Guys, Claws, Grandpa vs. Grandpa, Mamma's Back in Town, Raiders of the Lost Cat, The Home Wreckers, Star of Tomeow-Meow, The Big Game Hunter, Debutante Ball, Tally-Ho Heathcliff, The Gang's All Here, The Meowsic Goes Round & Round, Mungo's Dilemma, Jungle Vacation, Hector's Takeover, Going Shopping, Cat in the Fat, Wildcat Heathcliff, Kitten Around, Cat Burglar Heathcliff, Lucky's Unlucky Day, Young Cat With a Horn, Iron Cats, Whacked Out, Beach Blanket Mungo, Cat Balloon, Cat Can Do, For the Birds, Momma's Back in Town, Trash Dance, The Big Break In,  Leroy's In Love, Search for a Star, The Games of Love, Scaredy Cats, Mungo Lays An Egg, The Mungo Mash, A Camping We Will Go, Bigfoot, Junk Food, Search for Catlantis


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