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Belle and Sebastian


Belle and Sebastian was a foreign cartoon made in 1981, and premiered on Nickelodeon in June, 1984. It aired on Nick until 1990, usually (if not always) in the early morning. The show continued from episode to episode, and thus had to be watched chronologically.

The story was about a young boy named Sebastian, and a large white dog named Belle. Sebastian had been raised by an old man named Cecil and had never met his mother. She had given birth to him after Cecil rescued him, and had left, promising to return someday. She was a gypsy lady and also worked for a traveling carnival.

Belle was a large white dog who lived in the mountains, and was believed to be evil. The locals referred to him as a "White Monster" or "White Devil." In reality Belle was gentle, but only Sebastion realized this, because he was the only person willing to get to know him. Belle had apparently been blamed for some bad things that had happened in the town that Sebastian lived in, which was located near the Pyrenees Mountains of France. It is through these mountains that Belle and Sebastian had all their great adventures.

Sebastian is about 11 or 12 or so, and begins to wonder what happened to his mother. Cecil tells him about her, and he decides to go and look for her. At first Marie, a female caregiver, possibly his aunt, will not allow it, but eventually he leaves anyway with Belle and a small dog he carries in his pocket named Poochie. They travel all over the Mountains, and nearly find his mother on several occasions. They are pursued by a Lieutenant (or Inspector) Garcia, who wants to capture Belle in order to gain fame. They also encounter a girl named Sara, who makes two appearances in the story.

Eventually Sebastian finds his mother who I believe was in a cave near where the story had started. Her name was Isobelle. She states that Sebastian's father had been a French (?) painter, and she had broken gypsy code by marrying outside the culture. She also says that Sebastian's father died before he was born. Isobelle was very sick however, so Sebastian needed a doctor badly. He ties a letter explaining the situation around Belle's neck and sends him to the village for help. Marie is engaged to a doctor who comes to Isobelle's aid, and she recovers. This action by Belle proves to everyone he is not the "White Monster" (as they called him), and on the final episode Marie marries the doctor, and Cecil, Isobelle, Sebastian, Belle, and Poochie all live happily together.

Picture taken from the Nick Nostalgia Site. Used with permission.


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